Bevy Adventure

About this project...

Bevy Adventure is a Bevy plugin for making simple, text-based adventure games with ease.

Adventure games can be a lot of fun. From a development side, they’re relatively easy to create; you just make a story, and choices to go with it, then let the player do the rest.

However, there are some aspects of the game that are more difficult to handle. A big one is player input - especially if you’re giving the player an open-ended prompt, trying to parse input can be very difficult. It can also be hard to keep track of what events have fired for the player and what choices they have made.

Bevy Adventure handles the hard part of development for you. It provides resources for automatically parsing player input, tracking a player’s inventory, handling player interactions, storing choices the player has made, and more! This means that as a developer, you only need to worry about writing the game’s story and choices.

What’s more, because this is a Bevy plugin, you get all of the performance and safety bonuses of both Rust and Bevy’s ECS engine!

Code Samples

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